Monday, January 13, 2014

Cheerios Family Breakfast Project 

From the fine folks at Cheerios/General Mills and Platefull Co-Op comes the following info:

"Cheerios believes that when families connect over breakfast, amazing things can happen... the Family Dinner Project, a grass roots movement whose mission is to help families everywhere access the benefits that come from connecting over a meaningful family meal.

As part of the Family Breakfast Project, Cheerios will be encouraging families to take seven minutes for seven days to have family breakfast and explore the possibilities that brings. After all, breakfast is the meal of shared possibilities. "

Visit the Family Breakfast Project here:


The guide is here:

"Breakfast is more than a meal -
it’s a chance to connect with your family at the beginning of the day.
We created this guide to give you one week of ideas that will help make that time easier, more fun, and more meaningful. Don’t feel pressure to follow the guide closely. Just take the ideas and tips you like and try them out!"

At The Family Dinner Project, we’ve traveled the country
talking with parents about the importance of mealtime in helping families stay connected — and about its many physical, academic and emotional benefits for children. When Cheerios reached out in support of our mission to connect families through food, fun and conversation about things that matter, we were thrilled.
Breakfast is the perfect way to start the day together - looking forward, planning and dreaming about what the day might bring. A chance to love and support each other before we head out into the world.
That’s why we created the Family Breakfast Project together. It’s a way to help you get creative about your morning - to make it easier, more fun and meaningful. It’s also part of a movement of families and communities across the country who are committed to getting more out of their time together.
We know mornings can be hectic, but start with just seven minutes for seven days and see what healthy habits become part of your life forever."


They sent me a box of Cheerios, a Cheerios breakfast bowl, and a Family Breakfast Project T-shirt; I particularly like the bowl, and refuse to let anyone else use it. Everyone was happy to have the Cheerios; we're a Cheerios family for several generations. (My mother used to have Cheerios for breakfast every single day. Her favorite flavor was Honey Nut.) Doing all this talking and activities first thing in the morning when everyone is exhausted, stressed, cranky, and scrambling around in a mad panic to get out of the house, though… I don't know if ANY family has had that kind of time and energy in the morning since 1959, but mine has certainly not, LOL. Things are better on the weekends, but then everyone gets up at a different time and wants to eat and get going on their day; no one wants to be held at the table at gunpoint to learn about a new fruit or answer the third degree about what they think or how they feel. If my family is going to spend time together without it being a negative thing with everyone being forced to do something they don't want to do and making sure I know it, it's going to have to be related to a DVD and junk food; it's just not going to happen at breakfast time.

If YOUR family is a little more flexible, and a little less frenzied in the morning, by all means give these ideas a try; having more meaningful communication with our children first thing in the morning is a very nice idea, and probably something that we as Americans should do more often as part of actually raising our children rather than treating them like little adults just because they know more about our tech gadgets than we do. And, of course, make sure they're eating something decent for breakfast; Cheerios are a great way to be sure they start the day with some nutrition and not too much sugar.

“Disclosure: The information and prize pack have been provided by General Mills through Platefull Co-Op.”

·Cheerios® website - http://www.cheerios.com/

·Cheerios® Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/Cheerios

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