Sunday, July 26, 2009

RIP Battlestar Galactica 

So, the final episode of the series was yesterday... which was unfortunate on many levels.

First, one of the greatest series ever is DONE; geeks the world over are in mourning today as a result.

Second; they didn't end it well. It wasn't AWFUL, like the way they finished off QAF, but...

************* SPOILER ALERT *********************

Roslin dies; ok, we expected that. But, Adama apparently has left all the other people FOREVER, which is grim for them and for him.

And Galen, also going off alone forever; this is the wrong fate for someone so people-oriented, especially without the excuse of just losing his woman... yeah, Boomer was executed, but he showed no sign of caring about that, he just wanted to be away from everyone.

We aren't told exactly what Starbuck is, and she just vanishes while talking to Lee; I wanted better resolution for her, although maybe that would've been "too Hollywood" for some.

The "phantom" #6 and Baltar turn out to be essentially angels; yeah, ok, but why are they still in those forms 150,000 years later? Wouldn't they revert to their true appearance once they no longer needed to appear in familiar forms?

How could Hera become the "mitochondrial mother" of the entire human race when there were already humans on Earth when she got here? And since the scientists were looking at her DNA, wouldn't they have noticed that it's half CYLON, as compared to modern people that would just have a miniscule amount of Cylon in them, if any (as there's no proof that the other Cylons could breed)?

And poor Lee; he lost his dad and Kara within a couple of minutes of each other, so what is he supposed to do now?

What happened to the other Cylons? Did they suddenly lose their ability to track jumps? Why didn't they show up at Earth 33 minutes after the jump?

Why did the humans waste all the VERY useful equipment and materials in the fleet by throwing it all into the SUN? It's nice to play at being primitive... until someone is injured, or sick, or winter comes and you're freezing to death in tents.

And, poor SAM; they asked him to commit suicide to make all this happen, which is a little ungrateful of them.

How is Sharon going to teach Hera about growing crops and such; how would a Cylon know that stuff?

Clearly, the humans were going to have to interbreed with the pre-verbal cavemen to allow us all to become one species... yeah, right, would YOU do that?

And scientists never noticed a radical change in our ancestors caused by the sudden influx of advanced humans?

Frankly, the only thing I thought was done right was how Baltar and Caprica 6 ended up together.

Oh, and the few seconds of music from the original Battlestar Galactica as the fleet was on its way into the sun.

Still, the writers gave me 4 seasons of brilliant TV, so I'm still grateful to them; thanks, guys.

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