Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Playtex Sport Body Wipes 

The fine folks at Crowdtap and Playtex sent me FREE samples of Playtex Sport Body Wipes to try and to share with my friends. The idea is that these wipes allow you to clean yourself up when you don't have access to water or time to use it. It's a reasonable idea, and the wipes themselves are decent quality, but the garish pink package makes them look like feminine hygiene wipes, so both I and my friends, who are all conservative middle-aged types, felt uncomfortable with the idea of anyone seeing them. Worse, the scent is too strong and icky-sweet, which might be ok for a 12 year old but not for grown women who use nice perfume and bath products. None of us are ever in circumstances where we don't have other ways to clean up, so for us this isn't a useful product. However, for someone who IS in that sort of situation, if you can stand the smell this would be a good product to have. If they come out with an unscented version, I'll be able to recommend them to those who can use them without hesitation; we Americans do love our wipes.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Better than trust? 

A friend is doing a bunch of work on my house, has been over the past couple of months as time permits. When he wants me to sign off on some new facet of the work, he gives me a vaguely excessive explanation, which I've been gently rounding up by saying something like "It's fine, I trust you." Everyone wants to be trusted, right, so telling him I trust him and don't need all this justification is the way to go... right? Wrong, apparently. He tends to be polite and reserved to the point of not saying what he feels, but when he's stressed, or, like today, has a headache, stuff will slip out, and he astounded me by blurting out that he doesn't want me to say I trust him, but to say instead that whatever he has described to me is logical or makes sense. Er, excuse me, WHAT?!! The best I can figure is that he prefers direct approval of whatever he's come up with to being trusted. Approval vs trust? Trust would seem the clear winner to ME, but then I don't care about anyone's approval, so... And yes, trust is more an emotional thing and so maybe not as appealing to men, but then again all the so-called experts say that men want to hear that women trust them to do the right thing... sigh... in any case, now that I know that approval is better than trust for him, I'll play it that way. It's an interesting lesson in human behavior, that's for sure.

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